Exchequer Handbook  – Updated July, 2018


Request to use PayPal Preregistration  (17KB)
TO REQUEST PAYPAL APPROVAL for your Event use this form.

Setting up your EK ledger  (17KB)
Instructions for setting up and using the EK ledger.

SCA Financial Report, with EK Ledger (Corporate) (2019) (1.7MB)
This is the SCA Corporate Financial Report with the EK Ledger. (for VT, DE, and CT)

SCA Financial Report, with EK Ledger (Subsidiary) (2019) (1.7MB)
This is the SCA Subsidiary Financial Report with the EK Ledger.

SCA Financial Report, with EK Ledger (Canada) (2019) (1.4MB)
This is the SCA Financial Report with the EK Ledger for Canada.

SCA Negative Financial Report  (111KB)
SCA Negative Financial Report  (86KB)
This is the SCA Negative Financial Report. Used by groups which do not hold their own funds.

East Kingdom Monthly Reconciliation Report November 2020 (PDF)

East Kingdom NMR Form (2019)  (46KB)

East Kingdom Event Report Form (2019) (48KB)

Other Forms

Request for Financial Warrant  (google form)

Warrant Information Update  (29KB)

Request new signatories for your group (Online Google Form) – Updated April 24, 2023
Use to begin the process of changing your group’s signatories, or to open a new bank account..

Canadian groups and US groups now use the same form, above.

Reimbursement Request Form (Online Form) – Updated February 7, 2021

Review of Books Report (186KB)

Financial Policies

Society Financial Policy  – Updated August 27, 2019
East Kingdom Financial Policy  – Updated April 30, 2019
East Kingdom Exchequer Policy  – Updated March 16th, 2015
Exchequer Policy regarding Term Limits – Updated September 1, 2022
NMR Policy  – Updated July 1st, 2015
NMR Policy Interpretation  – Updated November 17th, 2015

PayPal Policies

Society PayPal Policy 

Pay Pal Procedure 

Pay Pal Requirements 

East Kingdom PayPal Policy