Reporting Requirements

Reporting Requirements


If you have any issues with the reporting times or problems balancing the reports the Kingdom Exchequer is available to help resolve those issues. Please do not frustrate yourself if you cannot balance something, send it in unbalanced and state it is unbalanced. The Kingdom exchequer and the deputies are resources available for this purpose. Training with the reports can be done if you request it of the Kingdom Exchequer use ‘training request’ in the subject line.

How/Where to Send

All documents which can be sent electronically, should be. Please make sure to compress (e.g. Zip) the email attachments and limit attachments to 10MB per message. I would recommend that if anything needs to be sent via conventional mail, that you purchase delivery confirmation for your packages. The current mailing addresses for all deputies is available via Pikestaff, and our email addresses are on the main page. Contact the Kingdom Exchequer if you need further assistance with the technical aspects of submitting electronically.


Quarterly Reports are due April 30th (Q1), July 31st (Q2), October 31st (Q3), and January 31st (Q4/EOY).

The reports should be sent to your local Seneschal, Regional Deputy Exchequer and Kingdom Exchequer and include:

  • All event reports not previously sent
  • All bank statements for the quarter
  • All cancelled checks (front only) for the quarter
  • ledgercumulative to the quarter being reported
  • A complete and balanced SCA Financial reportcumulative to the quarter being reported

Event Reports are due 30 days after the event to the Regional Deputy and Kingdom.

  • This should include the check for the Kingdom’s portion of the profits for Kingdom-level events.

NMS check and report is due to NMS Deputy 10 days after the event.

Monthly Account Statements

  • Each month the bank statement is to be reconciled and both are to be signed by the group’s exchequer and seneschal.
  • Copies of the signed documents are to be forwarded to the next superior officer.

End of Year Reporting

The End of Year report, aka EOY, aka Doomsday, aka Domesday is due on January 31, 2021. The report must include the following:

  • A ledger of all of your group’s financial transactions. This is the FreeForm tab of the Excel report.
  • A complete and balanced cumulative Financial Report for 2020. This is the infamous Excel report.
  • Any and all bank statements from 2020 that are not already sent in.
  • Any and all images of checks cashed against your account from 2020 that are not already sent in.
  • Any and all Event Reports from 2020 that are not already sent in.
  • Any and all NMR Reports from 2020 that are not already sent in.


Electronic Submission

Electronic submission is strongly encouraged. All files may be submitted electronically.

The preferred method is for the branch exchequer to directly place the submitted files into the shared folders created by the Kingdom Exchequer, then notify their Regional Deputy and the Kingdom Exchequer that the files have been submitted. The second best method is to email the files to the Regional Deputy and Kingdom Exchequer. See the Exchequer Staff page for your Regional Deputy’s email address. Even if the office is vacant, please still send to that email address.

NMR reports MUST be emailed to the NMR deputy.

Signatures and Electronic Submission

There are some documents that require signatures. These include:

  • All bank statements
  • All Event Reports
  • Primary Account tab
  • Secondary Account tab, if applicable
  • Balance Sheet tab
  • Income Statement tab

For these documents, please submit the unsigned documents electronically, prior to the report deadline. Print the documents out. Sign them as needed. This might involve printing, signing, then mailing the document to the next party, or it might involve scanning the signed document then transmitting it to the next person to print sign and scan. Either is acceptable. Then scan in the fully signed documents, and submit those. You do not need to resubmit any pages that didn’t need to be signed. You do not need to mail us the signed paper. If you expect the signed files to arrive after the deadline, please notify us.

Mail Submission

Electronic submission is not required. If scanning is not available to you, or if mail is simply preferred, you may do so. Mailing address for the Kingdom Exchequer is in the Pikestaff.

NMR reports MUST be emailed to the NMR deputy.