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Notices from the Kingdom Exchequer

Notices from the Kingdom Exchequer

(A re-posting of the letter in the July Pikestaff)

Greetings unto the East Kingdom!

I have three announcements that I would like to make.

First, the position of Pennsic Steward has changed hands, and Master Samuel Peter Bump (often called Speedbump) is taking over the office of Pennsic Steward for Pennsic 49.

Second, effective immediately, branch exchequers have a maximum limit of four consecutive years in office. Branch exchequers who have already served four years or more may finish out their current term, but the term cannot continue beyond June 1, 2023. Full text of the policy can be found on the Kingdom Exchequer’s website at…/policies-handbooks/.

Third and finally, I am in search of my own successor and I am issuing a call to the populace of the East. If you would like to learn what the office of the Kingdom Exchequer is actually like, and may be interested in taking on the mantle next year, please email me at with your letter of interest.

Exchequer Training

Exchequer Training

The Society Exchequer, Bonnie Stringer, is offering introductory exchequer training to anybody who is interested. The meeting attendance is capped at 100 people; attendance is first come, first served. These trainings will be repeated in the future.

The training is in two parts, both are over Zoom, both are on Sunday, March 28th, and both are in the CENTRAL TIME ZONE. Meeting details are below:

Training Part 1

Topic: Exchequer training Part 1
Time: Mar 28, 2021 01:00 PM CENTRAL TIME (US and Canada)

Training Part 2

Topic: Exchequer training Part 2
Time: Mar 28, 2021 06:30 PM CENTRAL TIME (US and Canada)

Signing Documents

Signing Documents

When it comes to getting documents signed, you have a few options:

Sign and Mail

  1. Print the document.
  2. Sign it.
  3. Mail it to the next person.
  4. Mail it in after all the signing is complete.

Sign and Scan

  1. Print the document.
  2. Sign it.
  3. Scan it back in.
  4. Email it to the next signer.
  5. Email it in after all the signing is complete.

While many people have a printer, not everyone has a scanner.  Aside from simple cell phone pictures, I have found that Adobe has an app for both iOS and Android for scanning documents.  The name is Adobe Scan.  It is a free app, and it does not require a subscription to any Adobe applications.  It can take the photo, and you can adjust the photo for things like skewed edges after the fact.  I’ve also found it super handy for scanning receipts.

Adobe Sign

  • If you are comfortable using Adobe Sign, go right ahead and use it.
  • If you prefer, you can send the documents to Kingdom Exchequer to manage Adobe Sign:
  1. Create a PDF of the document.
  2. Send Kingdom Exchequer the PDF, and include a note about which people need to sign.  For each person, include:
    • Mundane name
    • SCA name
    • SCA member number
  3. Kingdom Exchequer will use Adobe Sign to send the document out to each person for electronic signatures. Signing is performed though Adobe Sign’s methods via email. Special software is not required.


For questions or assistance on any of these topics, please contact your Regional Deputy or the Kingdom Exchequer.