I’ve just been elected local Exchequer. What do I need to do now?

I’ve just been elected local Exchequer. What do I need to do now?

* Get warranted. Fill out the Request for Warrant form. Send it, along with a copy of your ID, to the Kingdom Exchequer, and make sure to send a copy to your Regional Exchequer.

* Get the local exchequer files. Get them as soon as possible. Get them now. Go through the records. Organize them to your liking or leave them organized as they are, but understand the method. If a financial review was not done prior to you taking office, arrange with your Regional Exchequer to have one done as soon as possible.

* Get on the bank account. Fill out the Bank Account Request Form. Depending on your bank, it may involve a trip in to a branch, but at the very least it will require a photocopy of your State or Federally issued ID card.

* Your Officer email address should already be on the Exchequer email list.

* Find the most recent completed report, and try to do a report for the same time period from the books. Compare what you did to the actual report. If it is different, find out why (what you missed, or what the filed report missed).

* Quarterly Reports are due as follows: April 30th (Q1, Jan, Feb, Mar), July 31st (Q2, Apr, May, June), October 31st (Q3, July, Aug, Sep), and January 31st (Q4/EOY, Oct, Nov, Dec). See Reporting Requirements for additional information.

* Keep in mind that files must be retained for a minimum of seven (7) years. For the year 2020, this means all of 2013 up to the present. As the year goes on, you will have seven-plus years of data.

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