We’ve just become Royal Heirs, what do we need to know?

We’ve just become Royal Heirs, what do we need to know?

* If you are the signatory on any Branch Bank Account, you and your local Exchequer and Seneschal must take immediate steps get your name removed for the duration of your reign.

* As a new Heir to the Crown, you are (as a couple) for the duration of your reign one vote on the Council of the Exchequer. That is to say, each member of the Council has one vote, the Crown is considered one member and has one vote, the Heirs are considered one member and has one vote.


* Review the Financial Policies available on theĀ Handbooks and Policies Page, as they will answer questions about both your responsibilities to the Council of the Exchequer as well as any budget concerns you might have.

* If you are still not sure if an expense is reimbursible, check with the Kingdom Exchequer before incurring the expense.

* Private donations from individual persons are allowable without the need to involve the Exchequer’s office or the bank accounts, but make sure you remind the individuals that these private donations are a private gift and not tax deductible.

* Royals are given a travel budget for the duration of Their reign (from stepping up as Prince and Princess until stepping down from King and Queen). While King and Queen they also have access to the Royal Travel Fund which will supplement their budget as needed.

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